The Story of the First Honey Creek Originals Table

The Story of the First Honey Creek Originals Table

Today, I will share how the first Honey Creek Originals table came to be.

I have always been an artist in some capacity. I photograph, draw, paint, write, and create music and woodwork and I have dabbled in many mediums.

When the pandemic hit, I spent a lot of time on my hands, sitting on the porch enjoying the sunshine. I would commonly sit and enjoy the breeze with a coffee or beverage with my sketchbook practicing in charcoals.

One day I thought it would be convenient if I had a weatherproofing drawing table that I could leave out on the porch and have to sit at with my beverage and sketchbook. So I began to research how I could make it happen.

Store-bought drafting tables or anything other than plastic was not in the question. A drafting table was not weatherproofed, and plastic commonly blows across the yard and is flimsy. I knew that I wanted something made of wood. So I got the bright idea to make my own.

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